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How All-Natural Tea Tree Soap & Charcoal Soap Can Help During This Trying Time

How All-Natural Tea Tree Soap & Charcoal Soap Can Help During This Trying Time

By now, we have all read the news and felt the impact of COVID-19. There is no doubt that this new “normal” we are living in is anything but normal. With all these changes, like lockdowns and mandatory social distancing, working from home or not working at all, and wearing face masks or gloves for added protection — it’s easy to catch ourselves worrying about how we can protect ourselves from the virus.

While I am no medical expert, I am a licensed clinical aesthetician. And when it comes to natural and organic body care — including natural soaps created with the most enriching and helpful herbs and oils — I know what works and what doesn’t.

When concerns and questions come up about COVID-19 and ways we can protect ourselves, handwashing is one of our first lines of defense. According to the CDC and medical professionals, soap binds bacteria, dirt, oil and physically removes them. And that’s why I tell all my clients and customers about the benefits of using our all-natural Tea Tree Soap and Charcoal Soap.

Tea Tree Oil Soap

Tea tree oil comes from the leaves of Melaleuca alternifolia. The leaves are crushed and pressed to extract the oil and then used to relieve a number of ailments.

One prominent benefit of tea tree oil is its incredible ability to cleanse the skin and possess properties of antibacterial, antiviral, and antifungal.  A study conducted by The University of Western Australia, involving the testing of several types of hand soaps, showed evidence that cleansers with Tea Tree oil increase their effectiveness against bacteria.

Combined with other powerful, all-natural ingredients, our Tea Tree Soap is not only a top-seller, it’s also one of the best hand and body soaps you can use during this difficult time.

Charcoal Grey SoapActivated Charcoal Soap

Activated charcoal is created when natural materials like coconut husk or wood are burned.  Charcoal has multiple uses, including cleansing the skin of all dirt, bacteria, and impurities. But this natural element benefits us much more than any normal soap can. While normal hand soaps contain surfactants that clean only the top layer of our skin, soaps with activated charcoal cleanse much deeper. This happens through a process called adsorption, which allows the activated charcoal to penetrate deep into the skin pulling all germs and impurities to the surface, which can then be washed away. Our All-Natural Charcoal Soap works the same way, penetrating several layers of skin, pulling bacteria to the surface, and killing germs right where they are.

Rest assured

Although we are living in uncertain times, and probably still have lots of questions and concerns — and empty shelves — we can find some solace knowing there are things we can do to help protect ourselves against this gruesome virus. While people are stocking up on toilet paper, frozen meals, and lots of regular hand soaps, you have a secret weapon: ACT’s all-natural Tea Tree Soap and Charcoal Soap hand soaps. You can rest easy knowing you have found a soap that will truly wash from your skin any bacteria you come in contact with.

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