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Meet the Founder, Rhonda McDaniel


Rhonda has been helping people care for their skin since 2004. Her all-natural, handmade skincare products are created with her belief that whatever touches the skin should be pure enough for the youngest and most sensitive skin. 

She grew up watching her grandmother use natural holistic options to care for her family long before it was a trend. Rhonda recognized that nature provided all the ingredients we need for healing and protecting our skin. The key is knowing how they’re grown and processed into usable ingredients. 

Rhonda’s skincare training continued as she studied and trained with a biochemist, doctors, and nurse practitioners. She trained over 300 cosmetology students in advanced skin care treatments. She traveled to a lavender farm in Canada to learn the process of growing lavender and making the essential oil. 

She started her first business to help young people suffering from acne after watching a family member struggle with it. Her deep sense of caring led her to begin adjusting available skin care products with quality essential oils to address specific skin problems. The results were amazing! 


Today, Rhonda is a trusted licensed clinical aesthetician with decades of experience. She closed her skin care treatment business in 2017 to begin making her own line of natural, high-quality, and vegan skincare products by hand. Customers love and trust her lotions, soaps, and scrubs to care for their skin and their families.

During her years of working with teens and adults, Rhonda saw how uncomfortable some people were about going to a doctor’s office. The setting, the other patients, and the clinical aspect were uncomfortable to them. This could often lead them to ignore or hide their skin care problems, creating emotional distress. 

She also noticed how many of today’s products in the health and beauty industries contain thousands of chemicals that can disrupt or distress our bodies. What we put on our skin is absorbed into our bodies. Our skin is our largest organ and protects our body’s sensitive inner systems, organs, and hormones. By using natural, high-quality ingredients, Rhonda finds it both relaxing and rewarding to help her customers find trusted products. 


Rhonda says her greatest joy is seeing her customers’ healthy, glowing skin and watching them share their love of her products with their friends and families.

As a retiree military wife, mother, grandmother, and community leader, Rhonda has served many roles. Those experiences shaped her core values of building trust, honoring ethical practices, and consistency. She built her company on these values, teaches them to her children and grandchildren, and demonstrates them through excellent service to her customers.

In 2022, she expanded her training with a trip to Italy to earn a perfume certification from an Italian chemist.

With Rhonda’s natural, high-quality products, feeling good in your own skin takes on a whole new meaning.


The clinical knowledge Rhonda brings to her craft is an ingredient that sets her products apart from the rest.

You can feel confident when purchasing and using A Caring Touch Skin Therapy products. We are committed to providing your whole family with the highest quality handmade bath and body products sealed with our guarantee of care.

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    "Phenomenal" Product

    I found A Caring Touch skin therapy at a summerfest event in Zypherhills. It was the first booth I went to and came back two different times to purchase a gift basket and soaps for myself and family. I love the sents she has and the way her products make my skin feel. I smell phenomenal and my skin feels so soft. I purchased three soaps and my gift basket included a soap, body scrub, lotion, and bath bomb every single one of those products include ingredients which I'm able to pronounce without help, so I feel safe knowing what I am using on my body. It is all around great products and wonderful work that they offer. Thank you so much from the Aviles family!!
    Tanna Aviles skincare

    Luxurious Lather!

    I buy my everyday soap from Ronda! It's amazing, the soaps lather luxurious and the scent strength is perfect and lasts a while. Her lotions are great and make your skin soft even with scents added, awesome lotions!
    Nancy Davis Kreisle lotion

    My Favorites!

    Rhonda and her team are amazing! The in-house services are stellar than the take-home products complete the experience. You have to smell the mint chocolate lotion and the lemon sugar scrub. My favorites!
    Brook Borup natural

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