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Frequently Asked Questions

Our handmade soap can be used on the face. Because it’s not mass produced, it doesn’t contain chemicals that can dry out the skin. Our soap is made with high quality shea butters and essential oil that both cleanse and help condition your skin continuously.

We ship outside Florida to any location in the U.S. only.

All sales are final. If your order is damaged due to shipping, then a claim must be filed with UPS or Post Office regarding damaged product.

We offer some vegan products including vegan lip balms, soaps, lotions, and bath bombs. Please check product descriptions for those labelled “vegan”.

We have oatmeal honey and goat milk products that are great for sensitive skin.

Scrubs, lotions, bath bombs, and lip balms are made to order and will take 3 days to process before your order will be shipped out. Soaps are shipped in 1-2 days once order has been placed.

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