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Body Treatments    

Bacial (back facial) - (60 minutes) $70
Relaxing treatment designed to cleanse, exfoliate, soothe and tighten pores of the back.

Chest or Back Acne Treatment - (50 minutes) $75
Treatment of acne on the chest or back starts with a thorough cleansing, then a blend of active enzymes is applied to loosening blockage of clogged pores, extractions are performed, then next a cooling mask containing sulfur or eucalyptus to calm the skin.  And ending with an antiseptic and topical to control acne break-out.

Waxing Services:
(Satin Smooth wax)

Prepare the skin, remove the hair, ending with a soothing cream or gel.  Specific wax determined for your hair type and skin area.  Please specify the area you need waxing at time appointment is booked to allow ample time to serve you.

(Body waxing must be done 48 hours prior to or after body peel or microdermabrasion treatments.)

* Underarms (30 minutes) $18 - $23
* Half Arms Upper or Lower $23 - $33
* Full Arms (35-45 minutes) $43 - $53
* Lower or Upper Legs (35-45 minutes)  $48 - $58
* Bikini (35-45 minutes) $23 - $26
* Full Legs (45-60 minutes) $68 - $78
* Brazilian (45-60 minutes) $48 - $68
* Epilfree $30

Epilfree Hair Removal Reduction - (add an additional $30 to the prices for wax removal)
This unique treatment reduces up to 80% of hair growth and growth cycle inhibition following a series of treatments.

**Average treatment is 6 - 8 treatments.
**Results varies by individual.

Body Polishing - $50
A customized scrub for your skin type to exfoliate, stimulate and invigorate your skin.

Endermologie Treatment - $94 per treatment
- Additional fee for Body Wrap $72 (Total $166)
Endermologie is a non-invasive, FDA approved technique.  An Endermologie treatment goes over the skin's problem areas with dual action rollers, while simultaneously using suction to redistribute skin and smooth away dimpling.

After repeated sessions, a clients will see cellulite fade away as the skin takes on a smoother, more even appearance.

(Must come twice a week for 3 weeks then once a week until treatments are complete)

Endermologie & Body Wrap (4 Treatments) - $633

Ultra Sonic Lipo 1 area 1 treatment - $150

Ultra Sonic Lipo 1 area 4 treatments - $578

Focused ultrasound waves cause microscopic air bubbles to develop, expand and contract around the fat cell membranes stimulating lipolysis (fatty acid break down of fat cells).  After disruption of adipose cells, the fat in the form of triglycerides is released into the intestinal fluid between the cells where they are metabolized to glycerol is absorbed by the circulatory system and used as energy, whereas the insoluble fatty acids are transported to the liver and eliminated from the body. 

Ultrasonic-Lipo can yield immediate and long lasting results, but please keep in mind that results can vary with different tissue structure, treatment area, age, metabolism, medications, and changes in hormones. 

Proper diet, increased physical activity, and treatments that aid the lymphatic system in body detoxification can help produce optimal results.

Ideal Client:
- Within 20 lbs of your ideal weight. 
- Client must maintain a healthy diet and continue to exercise.

* Recommend 8-12 sessions per area.

Detox Body Wrap (1 Treatment) - $83

Detox Body Wrap (6 Treatments) - $449

**(3) Detoxifying Body Wraps & (3) Ultra Sonic Lipos - $600

Radio Frequency 1 area 1 treatment - $165

Radio Frequency 1 area 4 treatments - $495
Radio frequency procedures involving the use of a radiofrequency (RF) energy device to heat up and tighten tissue to boost blood flow and break down cellulite and fat. The radio frequency energy heats the skin without damaging it, in order to break down fatty cells and stimulate collagen production, which improves skin tone and elasticity. Radio frequency treatments can be used to treat excess pockets of fat on the stomach, hips and thighs, reduce cellulite and tighten saggy skin caused by weight loss or pregnancy.

The treatment is very safe and has minimal downtime. This is an ideal treatment for those who wish to effectively contour the body, reduce fatty deposits and improve the appearance of cellulite.

Ideal Client:
- Within 20 lbs of your ideal weight.
- To receive optimal results 8 - 12 sessions per area are recommend.  
- Following a healthy diet and exercise program is encouraged.

Body Contouring (Wrapping) - (1 Treatment/120 minutes) $105

Body Contouring (Wrapping) - (6 Treatment/720 minutes) $581
(Number of sessions will depend on the type of treatment)
This Professional Wrap maybe used in two ways: inch loss or for detoxification and lymphatic system cleansing.  This amazing wrap does both for the body.  The contour body wrap helps to free and remove trapped waste in the connective tissue, eliminating internal disfiguring deposits and stimulate inch loss. Wraps are often sold in a series of treatments to maximize inch loss and cleansing. The contour cream helps stimulate the lymphatic circulation while the plastic wrap or cloth wrap acts as an acupressure to push the lymphatic fluid up into the thoracic valve, circulating the toxins back into the blood stream to get filtered out through the liver and the kidneys, promoting permanent inch loss.

In only 60 minute you will achieve visibly diminished cellulite, tightened and rejuvenated skin and looser fitting clothes with this proven de-toxing process. The Body Contouring Wrap is for anyone who wants to:

* Loose Inches
* Diminish and Smooth Cellulite
* Tighten & Tone Skin
* Contour & Shape Specific Areas
* Reverse Toxin & Waste Buildup

Micro Current Body Treatments-Price varies must have a consultation.

Air Brushing Tanning (Full Body, 2 Coats) - $35

To Prepare for tan:

1.  If shaving, shave 12 hours before tan.
2.  Waxing must be done 72 hours before tanning.
3.  Must exfoliate skin using exfoliating glove 2-3 days prior to tanning.  DO NOT USE OILY PRODUCTS!
4.  Day of tanning, no lotions, oils, deodorant or make-up should be worn.
(If you have deodorant on it will turn green).
5.  Bring loose fitting clothes to wear after tan.   

After tanning care:

1. Do not bathe or shower for at least 6 hours.  It is better if you can sleep in solution and shower in morning.
2. When you shower, you will see some of the bronzer removed, but you will still be tanned.
3. To prolong you tan your can purchase the Norvell prolong lotion to use. Begin using the 3-4 days after your tan.
Or you can purchase 4 faces and spray this into your moisturizer or lotion.

You can purchase your prep and after care kits.  
Cost is $12-$18.


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